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Welcome to Liv & Lily's Page

Liv Quinn

Liv Quinn

Meow & thank you for visiting my PetsWALK fundraising page!
In 2017, Kitsap Humane Society re-homed 6,810 pets & performed 5,238 spay/neuter surgeries. They brought in cats & dogs regionally, nationally, & even internationally through the Rescue Me Program. They also had pets in our Foster Program who needed extra care or just a little TLC.

How do they do all of this you ask? DONATIONS & FUNDRAISING! Here's where you come in...PetsWALK is one of KHS's major fundraising events & I need your help! Please know that whatever you donate is all for the good of KHS animals. Thank you.


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Love you Liv and Lily!
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And this one is for this actaul fundraiser
4. SASam Andrist
Happy Birthday! (for ages ago, i low key forgot to do it ??)
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