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Welcome to Rhonda's Page

Rhonda Manville

Rhonda Manville

Hello Friends and Family Members! Thank you for visiting my PetsWALK fundraising page!

As you know, I'm an animal person, and I have had shelter pets my whole life. Shelter pets are very dear to me, and I'd appreciate your help for animals in need, many of whom are in need of TLC and loving homes due to abandonment, abuse, or neglect. Together we can make a difference in the lives of animals at Kitsap Humane Society!



P.S. Below are pics of Ramona (puppy mill survivor), Chester (his broken-hearted family brought him to the shelter when they lost their home in the recession), and Alice Piper, aka Kitty (formerly a pregnant stray) -- all of them shelter pets who are members of our family and loved to pieces!



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