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Baby's First Fundraiser?

Aleena Yunuba Hammack

Aleena Yunuba Hammack

Hey folks! I work at the humane society and try to do whatever I can for these lovely animals five days a week, but this particular event is special because it's not just a 5K... It's a 5K while I'm eight months pregnant. How many times does someone do that? The baby is definitely participating, too (we've got about 5K of 'warm-up' kicks going on just today).

Groundbreaking for our new building actually starts while I'm on my maternity leave, so you could help set a new mom up with a much more efficient office if you want to donate.


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Here's to safe and healthy pets....and babies!
2. Kassie Olmsted
Thanks for being on the staff PetsWALK team and for all you do for KHS!
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