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Welcome to Kassie's Page

Kassie Olmsted

Kassie Olmsted

Hey friends! Thank you for visiting my PetsWALK fundraising page! This year, I'm Captain of the KHS Team and our goal is $5,000! My individual goal is $2,000 and while I'm fundraising individually, my total will count toward the team's too! Yay!
Did you know that $2,000 can support a diabetic pet for the duration of her stay AND provide spay & neuter services to 16 shelter pets (thereby helping prevent further pet overpopulation) AND raise a litter of orphaned kittens from birth to adoption in our Foster Care program?
Will you help me raise critical funds to keep KHS' lifesaving mission going? I've worked at KHS for 7 years and I've seen amazing things happen every day! I hope you'll be a part of it!
Much love,


raised of $2,000 goal

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1. LILindsy A Ingram
2. KLKristin Lauver
Better late than never. :)
3. MMargi Moore
Just a little push to get you to your goal ?
4. VOVeronica Olmsted
5. BSBetty Skinner
Hope this helps you get out of 3rd place! ???? Thanks for working so hard for our 4 legged babies! ??
6. AGAngelina Gallegos
There you go. I better get a boat ride!

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