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Shannea Vorous

Shannea Vorous

There is a smile at the end don’t worry! Recently our sweet Penny B. was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Her Dr. is very confident with medication and regular checks ups she will lead a very happy life. When I found out I was devastated beyond words, having gone through what I did with my last puppy I was heartbroken. I will never forget the words Aaron said to me as I cried trying to understand it all. He said “maybe God knew she would be sick and gave her to us because he knew we would love and take care of her”, How Simple and True!

I am telling this story because there are many little fur babies who are not blessed to have someone to love them and take care of them. So to celebrate our Love for Penny B and the love we hope reaches all the other fur babies out there we are fundraising for PETSWALK. If you would like to donate a $1 or $5 or whatever you like that would be wonderful. No matter if you give or don’t I know each of you have and will continue make a difference somewhere to someone <3


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1. RRob & Dodie Silva
What a great idea. Sorry for your little one.
2. HJHeidi Johnson
We love you! Kevin, Heidi, Kirsten, Luke & Noodle
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4. Shannea Vorous