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Welcome to My Charming PetsWALK Page

Rachel Rindo

Rachel Rindo

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to be fundraising for PetsWALK for a second year! In 2017 you helped me raise $800!!! This year I want to be able to reach my goal of $1,200! That's enough money to care for a litter of foster kittens from birth to adoption!!
What's even better is if we reach the $1,200 goal then you will receive naming rights to a kitten in foster care!!!!!
Last year, Kitsap Humane Society saved 6,810 animals! We would not be able to do our life saving work without events like PetsWALK, so please donate!
Let's do this!! I'm super stoked!!!!


raised of $1,200 goal

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1. SSSarah Shipp
Hopefully this comes in under the wire! <3
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LOVE the puppies and the kitties!!!
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6. AMAshley Martinez
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